The IT Services Management Architecture Design for Large and Medium-sized Companies based on ITIL 4 and TOGAF Framework

Iqbal Santosa - Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia
Rahmat Mulyana - Stockholm University, Borgarfjordsgatan 12, Kista, 16455, Sweden

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The development of information technology occurs rapidly in almost all areas of life. All companies must immediately carry out a business transformation following the development of information technology to survive amid increasingly fierce competition. One of the keys to this business transformation's success is an enterprise architecture that is used as a reference in planning, developing, operating, and monitoring company information technology. Implementation of service management practices in state-owned enterprises needs to be translated into IT Services Management Architecture Design, that match the IT Governance Principles as mandated in PER-03/MBU/02/2018. This research focuses on preparing an enterprise architecture design in IT service management by referring to ITIL 4 best practices. The resulting solution is a target architecture design in the business domain, data, and applications arranged according to the TOGAF framework. It was carried out in four stages: scope identification, which defines practices; preliminary phase, which resulted in 11 architecture principles; architecture vision that produces a value chain for IT service provider organizations; a business architecture which resulted in a business service/function catalog consisting of 13 business functions and 43 business services; and an information system architecture that produces a conceptual data model on the three main priority processes of IT service management and an application use-case diagram that describes the relationship between the four actors (users, service managers, service desks, and support groups) with their roles in applications. The enterprise architecture has been designed following the scope of IT service management practices commonly used as a reference for all large and medium-sized companies.


Enterprise architecture; ITIL 4; IT service management; TOGAF.

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