Design on Novel Door Lock Using Minimizing Physical Exposure and Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Seungdo Jeong - Department of Smart Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Sangmyung University, Cheonan, Chungnam, 31066, Republic of Korea

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Digital door locks are widely used not only in general homes such as houses and apartments, but also in spaces where external intrusion must be prevented based on high security and convenience. Recently, smart door locks with additional technologies such as fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth communication have also been developed, and the door lock market is on the rise. Digital door locks are more convenient to use compared to the existing key-type door locks. However, there are often cases of exploiting security vulnerabilities such as exploiting and invading the user's trace remaining on the door lock. This paper proposes a door lock with a structure that can complement the shape of the current door lock exposed to the outside and minimize the user's fingerprint trace. In addition, a method of reinforcing security is applied using fingerprint recognition through image processing and a random pattern number arrangement. An experiment was conducted to confirm whether the door lock of this type was actually usable, and the recognition of partially damaged fingerprints was also confirmed. It was shown that the door lock structure proposed in this paper can maximize security by combining fingerprint recognition technology and random pattern numbering while minimizing external exposure.


Door lock; fingerprints recognition; random number placement; image processing; convolutional neural network.

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