Thermostats: an Open Source Shiny App for Your Open Data Repository

Dasapta Erwin Irawan - Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia
Muhammad Aswan Syahputra - Sensolution ID, Kab. Bandung Barat, Indonesia
Prana Ugi - Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia
Deny Juanda Puradimaja - Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia

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Hydrochemical analysis has emerged as a powerful methodology in geothermal system profiling. Indonesia is the capital of geothermal energy with its more than 100 active volcanoes. Therefore we need to have an analytical, data-driven, and user-focused online application of geothermal water quality. Proudly we introduce Thermostats ( We collected water quality from 416 geothermal sites across Indonesia. Three main objectives are to provide an online open-free to use data repository, to visualize the dataset to suit user’s needs, and to help users understand the geothermal system of each particular site. At the end, we hope they like this system and donate their own dataset to make it better for future users. We designed this online app using Shiny, because it’s open source, lightweight and portable. It’s very intuitive to load our descriptive, bivariate and multivariate statistics. We selected Principal Component Analysis and Cluster Analysis as two strong statistics for water sample classification. Users could add their own dataset by making a pull request on Github ( or sending it to us by email to make it visible in the application and included in the visualization. We make this application portable, so it can be installed on a local computer or a server, to enable an easy and fluid way of data sharing between collaborators.


open data repository; reproducible research; Shiny App; geothermal dataset.

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