Improvement of Starling Image Classification with Gabor and Wavelet Based on Artificial Neural Network

Aviv Rahman - Universitas Widyagama Malang, Indonesia
Istiadi Istiadi - Universitas Widyagama Malang, Indonesia
April Hananto - Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang, Indonesia
Ahmad Fauzi - Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang, Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country that has a diversity of animal species with the top 10 predicate in the world. The population of animal species, including starlings, is very widely known in the country. Starlings currently in Indonesia are diverse, ranging from standard to rare in Indonesia. This starling has its characteristics based on the type, color, sound, etc. In the first problem, the first accuracy performance when using the GLCM texture feature with Artificial Neural Network is 68%. Furthermore, the second problem is the accuracy performance of typing using the GLCM texture feature with a Decision Tree of 50%. This research aims to improve the starling classification system accuracy using Gabor and Wavelet texture features with artificial Neural Networks. Based on testing in the classification of starlings using the GLCM, Gabor, and Wavelet features, the highest degree of precision can, therefore, be concluded to be at the GLCM and Wavelet feature levels. The GLCM and Wavelet level accuracy results reached 83% at a rate of learning 0.9. In the experiments that have been done, the GLCM and Wavelet levels can increase accuracy using Artificial Neural Networks. In the classification process, the type of starlings also shows that the computational time in testing is much faster in producing accuracy values. In addition, the accurate accuracy while testing the starling category also increases.


Artificial Neural Network; Starling; GLCM; Gabor; Wavelet

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