Lookup Table Algorithm for Error Correction in Color Images

Ruaa Abdulsattar - University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Nada Hussein M. Ali - University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30630/joiv.2.2.113


Error correction and error detection techniques are often used in wireless transmission systems. A color image of type BMP is considered as an application of developed lookup table algorithms to detect and correct errors in these images. Decimal Matrix Code (DMC) and Hamming code (HC) techniques were integrated to compose Hybrid Matrix Code (HMC) to maximize the error detection and correction. The results obtained from HMC still have some error not corrected because the redundant bits added by Hamming codes to the data are considered inadequate, and it is suitable when the error rate is low for detection and correction processes. Besides, a Hamming code could not detect large burst error period, in addition, the have same values sometimes which lead to not detect the error and consequently increase the error ratio. The proposed algorithm LUT_CORR is presented to detect and correct errors in color images over noisy channels, the proposed algorithm depends on the parallel Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC) method that's based on two algorithms: Sarwate and slicing By N algorithms. The LUT-CORR and the aforementioned algorithms were merged to correct errors in color images, the output results correct the corrupted images with a 100 % ratio almost. The above high correction ratio due to some unique values that the LUT-CORR algorithm have. The HMC and the proposed algorithm applied to different BMP images, the obtained results from LUT-CORR are compared to HMC for both Mean Square Error (MSE) and correction ratio.  The outcome from the proposed algorithm shows a good performance and has a high correction ratio to retrieve the source BMP image.


CRC; DMC; Mean Square Error; BMP images; error correction.

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