A new approach towards Image retrieval using texture statistical methods

Tamil Kodi, Rosline Nesa Kumari, Maruthu perumal


Texture is a possession that represents the facade and arrangement of an image. Image textures are intricate ocular patterns serene of entities or regions with sub-patterns with the kind of brightness, color, outline, dimension, and etc.This article proposes a new method for texture characterization by using statistical methods (TCUSM). In this proposed method (TCUSM) the features are obtained from energy, entropy, contrast and homogeneity. In an image, each one pixel is enclosed by 8 nearest pixels. The confined in turn for a pixel can be extracted from a neighbourhood of 3x3 pixels, which represents the fewest absolute unit. We used four vector angles 0, 45, 90,135 to carry out the experimentation with the query image. A total of 16 texture values are calculated per unit. Compute the feature vectors for the query image by calculating texture unit and the resultant value is compared with the image database. The retrieval result shows that the performance using Canberra distance has achieved higher performance.



Texture; Color; Statistical; Energy; Entropy; Contrast; Homogeneity; Retrieval.


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