Smart Hospital for Heart Disease Prediction using IoT

Avinash Golande, Pranav Sorte, Vikas Suryawanshi, Utkarsha Yermalkar, Sandip Satpute


The Internet of Things (IoT) is inter communication of embedded devices using  various network technologies. The IoT technology is all set to become the upcoming trend in the future. We are proposing a healthcare monitoring system consisting of ECG Sensors. The parameters which are having a significant amount of importance are sensed by the ECG sensors which are vital for remote monitoring of patient. A mobile app observation is used to continuously monitor the ECG of the patient and various data extraction techniques are performed on the ECG wave to extract attributes to correctly predict heart diseases. .Data mining with its various algorithms reduce the extra efforts and time required to conduct various tests to detect diseases.. Data is collected from ECG sensors. The data is stored onto s storage medium where data mining algorithms are performed on the data collected. These algorithms predict whether the patient has any heart disease. The results can be referred by the doctors for diagnosis purpose. By using IOT technology and data mining algorithms the predication of heart disease is going to do in system.


Internet of things (IoT); data mining; naive bayes.

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