Never Rely On Information Security Systems Social Engineering Attack

Rand Mohammad Abu Hammour, Yousef Safwan Al Gharaibeh


Social Engineering Attack is recently becoming a real threat affecting organizations, whereas 53.9% of such attacks are targeting the banking sector, where the success of this kind of attacks can cause a huge financial loss, customer’s sensitive data damage and a real reputational loss, and although banks are investing their money on security, and spending budgets on securing their hardware and software, but it is the human being factor that is the weakness that can be easily exploited and is still the real security challenge, which will always keep the banking sector under the risk of a successful social engineering attack. In this paper, we applied an information technology governance framework on a certain Jordanian bank to avoid the success of a social engineering attack, and we worked on a case study that mainly focuses on Phishing Attack, which is considered one of the most common threats in banks and the way staff will deal with it. The results show positive improvements in staff awareness and in avoiding such types of attacks, as well as a marked increase in reporting any suspicious activity noticed by employees.


Attack; Social Engineering; Phishing; Governance; Banking; Awareness; Digital Shadowing.


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